Meet Lisa

Let’s Take a Look at Her Downline

Meet Lisa

Let’s Take a Look at Her Downline

Month 1 as a Genesis Brand Partner

Lisa has just completed her 1st month as a Genesis Brand Partner. She has advanced to the rank of Silver with the following team. Let’s take a look at her downline and see how it has grown each week. For this scenario each Brand Partner has purchased the 15 Color Kit which as a PV (Personal Volume) of 220.

Week 1

Lisa personally enrolled 3 ladies to her Level 1. She earns 10% of their PV (Personal Volume), plus a $50 Signup Bonus each. $216 Earned

Week 2

Lisa worked with Mia and Sara who both got excited to grow there own businesses. She helped them share the business opportunity with 5 new Brand Partners that are now on Lisa’s Level 2. She earns 20% of these new Brand Partner’s PV, plus she added a 4th person to her Level 1. $292 Earned

Week 3

Lisa helped Mia with her new recruit Emily who signed up 5 new Brand Partners on Lisa’s Level 3. She earns 5% on their PV, plus she added a 5th person to her Level 1. $127 Earned

Week 4

Lisa helped Mia and Emily to add 3 new Brand Partners who signed up under Lily. These new Brand Partners are on Lisa’s Level 4. She will begin earning on these ladies next month when she reaches Gold Level. Lisa also sold all of the products in her 15 Color Kit. The profit from selling those 30 items was $330. Lisa also added a 6th person to her Level 1. $402 Earned

Month 1 Total $1,037

All income level achievements are dependent upon the individual Brand Partner’s skills, drive, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity and motivation. Genesis Cosmetics makes no income guarantees.