Ultra Luxe Lip Gloss brought to you by Lipglos Cosmetics. The lightweight, smooth texture glides on and leaves your lips moisturized without the stickiness.   Available in over 60 shades to help you find that perfect color. Whether you’re looking for red gloss, pink gloss, nude colors and tones, or a wide variety of browns, Lipglos has your lips covered!


Endless Colors

Available in over 60 shades to help you find that perfect color.

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Luscious Balm is a brand creation from Genesis Cosmetics that focuses on the health and care of our lips. The ingredients are lush and pure with fragrances that capture your senses. This product line is expected to launch Winter 2017 for all our Brand Partners.


Luscious Fragrances

Genesis Skin

Genesis Cosmetics currently has in development a full line of skincare. This complex system was created with restorative and healing properties. The complete line will launch to all of our Brand Partners in 2018.


Complete Skincare Line

Full 6 step product line

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Genesis Cosmetics has our men at center-stage with Lab Grease. Currently in development Lab Grease will launch in 2018 with it flagship product to all our Brand Partners. The ultimate experience comes with the complete line:

  • Lab Grease Face
  • Lab Grease Lips
  • Lab Grease Shave
  • Lab Grease Skin
  • Lab Grease Sunscreen


Take control of your financial future.