Achieved Rank

The highest level that a Brand Partner has been paid over on any bonus period.

Active Brand Partner

Any Brand Partner that maintains a minimum of 220 PV during a calendar month.

Bonus Period

Bonus period are 4 consecutive weeks and begin at midnight on Monday morning and end at 11:59 p.m. CST on Sunday.

BP/Brand Partner

Individuals like you who have signed up to distribute Genesis Cosmetics products and promote the business to others so they can signup

Brand Partner Ranks

Ranks are milestones of achievement within the Genesis Cosmetics Partner Program.Each level has qualifications to meet that allow for unique earning potential.


An individual that purchased product on the front end of he website.

DCB/Downline Commission Bonus

Commission paid to Brand Partners based on 5 levels below and their accumulative PV.


People on your team. Consists of Brand Partners you have enrolled and any enrolled after you in the line of sponsorship

GSV/ Group Sales Volume

Sales volume of your downline.

Max GSV Per Leg

This is the max amount of GSV per any one let that can count towards your GSV required for rank placement and advancement.

Sponsored Ranks

Each rank lists a requirement for certain Sponsored Ranks that must be found within the Brand Partners Downline to qualify

Min. PV/Personal Volume

This is the minimum Personal Volume required to be active during a bonus period

Mo./ Months

This references the number of consecutive months that a brand partner must qualify for a new rank before being awards advancement.

PS / Personal Sponsor

Reach Brand Partner is required to have personally enrolled a certain number of Personal Sponsors over their lifetime with Genesis Cosmetics. These PS must be active and qualified within the bonus period.

Paid-as Rank

This is the rank that a Brand Partner is paid at for a bonus Period


This is the Personal Volume that is required to qualify for the Downline Generation Bonus


This is the Personal Volume that is required to qualify for the Car Program


A Brand Partner is considered as Qualified when they have at least 1 PS Active BP they enrolled.


Includes the Brand Partner that originally sponsored you and everyone before you within the line of sponsorship